Thursday, September 29, 2011

Where in the world is Carmen Bren-Diego?

I just got back from a week away- and boy what a week it was!

I spent a few days in Chicago for a fan event for the soap opera All My Children's 41 year final airing. I got to meet and hang with some great people; including celebs, fans, press, fundraisers and promotors; as well as explore the city. It was an amazing experience.

Then I jetted out to NYC for a musical opening. Again, I met and hung with some really great people; including actors, producers, composers, fans, and a friend from college. I always love the time I spend in NYC. I also got to see live opera performed in Times Square, which was amazing. The musical was better than I expected and it getting rave reviews. It's called Effing Hipsters and it runs until Oct 8th. If you're near NYC go see it!

Traveling on my diet is often difficult and depressing, but this time I was so busy I hardly even noticed. I pretty much have my diet down to the point that it's becoming old hat to me. I brought raw almonds and my special oats with me, scoped out Bren-friendly restaurants, bought a bunch of veggies, and things worked out just peachy.

Heck, Mayor Bloomberg even bought me a drink! My that was some fabulously fancy water! ;p

I'm exhausted but I am so glad I was able to do this. I had amazing experiences. It was so nice to be away from reality for a hot minute: No doctors appointments, physical therapy or pokes; No children to corral. I did spent a lot of time and mind-space dealing with the aftermath of the robbery/identity theft, but thankfully with some ingenuity and help from great people I worked it all out.

I did my best to rest up as much as I could, but there was so much going on! After I finish this post I'm actually going to head to bed for the day/night (yes, it's only 1:30pm). The last thing I need to is to get sick right now.

Update:I had my 2 month jaw post-op appointment today and things look really good. I go back in a couple weeks for my permanant bridge placement and then I'm hopefuly done with the jaw/teeth debacle.

Tomorrow I start my clinical trial and new experimental meds. I'm nervous and excited and dreading and finger-crossing. And away we go...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

One stop shopping: Chicago

Getting my daily allotment of fruit & protein while on the run. So much to do & see in Chicago!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Train Robbery

A week ago, someone broke into my home (of course they did) and stole a lot of my things, including my computer -with my external hard drive still attached; containing all my artwork, recent pictures, music, and most of my writing. Ugh.

They also took my wallet with all my credit cards, social security card, and check book, which has made the past week all kinds of fun with the phone calls, appointments, paperwork, etc. I've had to deal with. I can't express how much I hate the music they play while you're on hold...

The artwork and writing is what really hurts. It is moreso my identity than my bank account. I feel violated and sad because they took a part of me, which I know they just discarded without a thought. That is the REAL identity theft.

Seriously, they didn't even get anything of value to them, but they sure made my life harder. I would have gladly handed over $ to avoid the hassle they're putting me through with my finances. I'm sure this stress is great for my health.

I'm considering writing a book entitled 30 Things That Can Happen To You Before You Turn 30: My Life Exemplifying Murphy's Law. I think it could be a best seller.

I'm trying to look at the bright side of things:
-A new laptop is on its way
-I now have a nicer camera than I ever had before
-I know now to back everything up on an online database
-There are amazing people in my life
-This is great fodder for that best selling book I'll write
-Things are just things
-I am further convinced I can survive anything life throws my way

I've been robbed of pretty much every thing(material and not) that a person can be robbed of, in my life, and you know what? The past few years, I've learned that despite what life robs me of, I will not be derailed. This train just keeps chugging along...

“Sometimes the cards we are dealt are not always fair. However you must keep smiling & moving on.” -Tom Jackson