Friday, April 29, 2011

Let the feast Chametz!

A good ole fashioned Traditional Jewish Passover Seder is something I can really get used to, being that it's all about food restrictions (Chametz).

...And an orange for inclusion.

Enough food for all 12 tribes.

The meat after 26 people ravaged it.

I was able to eat almost everything, including almond matzos and fruit salad for desert.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Whatever I Feel Like, Gah!

A few people have asked why I haven't been posting recipes. Well, I haven't made anything new in a long time. Partly because I'm lazy, partly because I live with a chef who cooks for me, and largely because I got tired of if.

I make the same things repeatedly and eat large quantities of raw veggies, so there's not much to report.

These are pretty standard meals for me:

Turkey, corn, & broccolini

Quinoa, broccolini, & chicken with red onions & garlic

Egg whites with avocado and tomato

Lettuce with hummus, tomato, black beans, & onions

Quinoa, carrots, zucchini, & bell pepper

Friday, April 15, 2011

Grind THIS

I'm a tooth grinder. It's a family trait. Thanks Ma & Pa! Last week I had the opportunity to go to the dentist for the first time in almost two years when I ground through my nightguard breaking off a tooth and cracking another.

Two trips to the dentist (so far. 3-5 more trips to go to finish it all), two root canals, three crowns, four fillings, two deep cleanings, one mouthguard, and $3,800 later and I'll be a whole new woman!

Luckily, I'm well versed in making pureed veggies for the babies I work with, so the fact that chewing is a privilege I'm not privy to for a few weeks, isn't too terrible.

Also, as soon as my mouth situation is resolved I'll start having a barrage of tests and full work-ups to see where all my health stuff is. Fingers crossed things go well!

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Nose drops to clear throat & ear drops to reduce fluid

Turns out I do have an ear infection and the drainage is causing inflammation in my throat. I'm going to refrain from bitching about it, though...

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wild horses are born to run

How could I not write about my awesome new transpo?!

If you recall, a couple months ago I mused about getting a scooter. I was mostly joking, but partly really wanting one. I mentioned my wishes to my physical therapist and whatdaya know, she didn't shoot down the idea!

Turns out, it's good for my core, and actually offers stability via the handlebars. I've been riding it for 3 weeks and I have yet to eat it, which after 6 months with the cane is still a bi-weekly occurrence. Who am I kidding, I trip on that thing daily.

And I can go FAST!

So here she is:

She even comes complete with an attachment to adorn with my perfectly attired mini-me Barbie:

It's even useful for keeping up on outings with the kiddos.

Today I rode around the lake with my friend while she walked her dogs and it was wonderful and freeing. Like I could ever permanently slow down, I was born to run!


*Also, I think I'm getting another ear infection because my ear feels like there's a hermit crab inside it and my throat feels like I've been gargling glass, so I'm sure I'll be bitching about that in my next post...