Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ch, ch, ch, chaaanges

Rewind to about two years ago:
"Here have some of this (insert food item here)."
"I'm not allowed to eat that."

And so, this blog began...

We're rounding the corner on two year of blogging. Whooo, party! Given how much has changed during that time, and as a sort of celebration, I'm changing things up a bit around here.

First of all, this blog started out as a way to cope with my diet. It was meant to fend off being asked the same questions repeatedly; to cope with my new way of eating; to experiment with new foods; and to provide some levity to a very serious situation.

Then, it also became a place for updating people on my health. Again, it was a source of answering the barrage of questions in one place; a way to cope; to talk about experimental treatments; and for some escapism from the difficulties I faced.

Along the way if became a place of refuge; of hope; and of connecting with people who know me, or know similar situations, or who simply found a common bond.

I have used this space to rant, ask for help, rejoice, and laugh. I've grown and changed along the way, and now it's time for the blog to morph a little, too.

What's changing:

The name "Food Withdrawl"- While I'm always going to be experimenting with, and seeking out new foods and recipes, I'm not in withdrawal anymore. Also, not ONE person ever got the pun in the name, or even noticed that it was either a play on words or misspelled- which has bugged the crud out of me!

In his autobiography, pacifist and philosopher, Bertrand Russell stated, "This has been my life. I have found it worth living."

I chose to rename this blog after that quote. Despite everything that has happened thus far, and all the horrible things that I have been through: the pain, and surgeries, and organ failure, and struggle; the goodness, hope, love, and beauty I have experienced have far outweighed it. This has been my life. It wasn't what I would have chosen, but it has gotten me to where I am, and it has made me who I am. And I think it's been worth it.

The layout- I got tired of those vegetables. Really, can you blame me? If I never see another vegetable for as long as I live...

What's staying the same:

The recipes (hopefully I will post more of them), the pictures of what I'm eating, the updates on my health (hopefully less of them- no news is good news, yeah?), the quips and sarcasm, the refuge, the connections, the hope ("You gotta give em hope!" -Harvey Milk)...

So here's to another leg of this journey that started with a single step back in June 2010. Since that time, as of right now, this blog has been viewed 8,818 times. While a seemingly small number in the grand scheme of things, and blogs, I'm very thankful that people have cared enough about what I'm writing (other than my Mama, who probably accounts for about 1,000 of those views) to visit this page so many times. I really love when you comment, too- it makes my day, every single time. Thanks for being a part of the journey. It's been more than worth it.


  1. Looking forward to sharing more of your amazing journey, oh Rad One.

    1. I know who wrote this, even though you didn't sign your name :) Thanks, M!

  2. Now I'm craving a funnel cake :-) nice blog you have by the way!

    1. Thank you! And go get on some funnel cake, will ya?!

    2. I will do that haha! You officially have a new follower by the way :-)

    3. You'd better! I expect you to report back to me on it. As do you, officially!

  3. Wow, 100 more views in just 12 hours. Thank you for reading!

  4. Dig the changes. All of 'em! Good luck in your continuing journey. Cheers

    Love and light