Friday, April 27, 2012

I need help climbing onto this soapbox...

I don't care if you're a Democrat, Republican, or Flying Purple People Eater. It doesn't matter if you voted for Obama, or if you will vote for him again. Say what you want about our healthcare system- you are entitled to your opionon, and most of what you say, I probably agree with. However, if you are against Obamacare or healthcare reform, I'd really, really like to hear your reasoning, because if it weren't for Obamacare, I'd probably be dead.

When I was deathly ill, hacking up what looked like bloody pudding and bleeding from every orifice, Uncle Sam pulled the rug out from under me, washed its hands, and left me to die. I had to resort to selling everything and living out of my car, while working, despite being in no condition to do so. I was denied food stamps and welfare. I was denied insurance. Because my illness is so rare, and since most people simply drop dead from it rather than live with it, it is not a recognized disability, so I was denied that, as well. Only by literally selling my body to science could I afford my treatment.

Then, Obamacare came in and saved the day, just in the knick of time, helping pay for the two surgeries I needed within six months time. It paid for 90% of my care and saved my life. But, I guess you're right, the $20,000+ my family and I have paid out of pocket isn't much less than the $750,000+ my care has cost in just two years. I could've just split the difference by working some overtime, while I had swelling in my brain, failing kidneys, fluid-filled lungs, a paralyzed foot, etcetera, right? Sure, no sweat!

What if I was your child, and you had to put a second mortgage on your home to pay my medical bills? Would you support Obamacare then?

What if you were me, and you had to decide whether to eat this week or to buy your medicine. Would you want healthcare reform then?

What is it going to take? How many people have to die before we change our healthcare system?

How many more stories like mine, and like these, will it take?

Sometimes, I'm so overwhelmed, I joke that paying the doctors to keep me alive is going to be what kills me.

I am the 99%

...Okay, can somebody help me climb down, now?

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  1. Truth!! This post was awesome. I've never understood the reasoning behind the opposition to universal health care. I can tell that you wrote this from the heart - and it definitely shows.