Thursday, May 31, 2012

Park City Plates

I spent the majority of this month traveling. This usually equates to living off oatmeal, nuts, and cheap salads. Oh boy!

I was in Park City, Utah last weekend for a film festival, armed with my almonds and oats, as always. Surprisingly, I found things I could eat.

Spinach salad with strawberries

Crudité at one of the receptions

Rice noodles with tomoato/garlic/basil seasoning. Made by us in the teeny hotel microwave with some ingenuity. We only exploded one wine glass (wasn't by me, actually!) and nobody got burned!

More banquet food

and I also had a handful of strawberries before one of our screenings, which I promptly vomited all over the sidewalk outside the theater (I have a photo if anyone wants to see the mark I left on Utah). Not so Bren-friendly, after all.

Aside from the strawberry incident (hey, it happens) and the forecast changing from "mid 70's and sunny" when I packed to "29 and snowy" while I was there, I got plenty of sleep and had an easy trip...

...then, I came home and tried to re-learn how to ride a bicycle. More on that coming!

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