Monday, April 4, 2011

Wild horses are born to run

How could I not write about my awesome new transpo?!

If you recall, a couple months ago I mused about getting a scooter. I was mostly joking, but partly really wanting one. I mentioned my wishes to my physical therapist and whatdaya know, she didn't shoot down the idea!

Turns out, it's good for my core, and actually offers stability via the handlebars. I've been riding it for 3 weeks and I have yet to eat it, which after 6 months with the cane is still a bi-weekly occurrence. Who am I kidding, I trip on that thing daily.

And I can go FAST!

So here she is:

She even comes complete with an attachment to adorn with my perfectly attired mini-me Barbie:

It's even useful for keeping up on outings with the kiddos.

Today I rode around the lake with my friend while she walked her dogs and it was wonderful and freeing. Like I could ever permanently slow down, I was born to run!


*Also, I think I'm getting another ear infection because my ear feels like there's a hermit crab inside it and my throat feels like I've been gargling glass, so I'm sure I'll be bitching about that in my next post...

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