Friday, April 10, 2015

Something To Write Home About

But how nice is my new brace
compared to the old gross one?

...or a blog about.

I've really got to stop jinxing myself, right?! So, as luck would have it (typical), in February, after rejoicing in this blog about not going to the hospital for all of 2014, joking with friends about how we should go to the Texas State Fair and bring my scooter for old times sake, and gloating that I didn't need to wear a brace anymore over an email from the company that makes my ankle braces stating I was due for a new one... I'm back in a brace and on crutches and making up for missed socializing at the local orthopedic unit.

My ankle may be jacked (in a bad way), but so are my arms (in a good way) so my gun show is bringing all the girls to the yard, at least.

Turns out, I cannot fly, or walk on air, but I like to learn things the hard way, so I unwittingly had to test out that theory. In the middle of a crowded bar. In front of TWO casts of shows I was working on. In the middle of an extremely busy period of my life. It's how I do.

And my prize was torn ligaments in my ankle and a bump on my head! Not the golden goose I've earned in the past, but the most excitement my body has seen in a while, by far.

Yes, I had to order another ankle brace. A silver lining is that with it I can't actually put my foot in my mouth!

But, hey, if this is the worst I've got going for me right now, I'll take it. It's not even a big deal that I caught a sinus and respiratory infection at the same time, either. I just keep thinking to myself that this is nothing and it's been one hundred thousand times worse than this and WOW, look how far I've come and how good it's been for a while now, and if it takes a spill down some dark stairs to remind me how fucking rad my life is, I'll roll with it.

And roll with it, I shall, while eating my words about being back in a scooter.

While playing croquet with friends for my 30th birthday.

While getting shit done, as always.

P.S. This stuff is UH. Maze. Zing!

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