Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Decisions & incisions

Yesterday I had my one week jaw post-op check up. They took the external gum stitches out to examine the wound/bone and see how it was healing.

I made them take a pic before they restitched it.

If you're squeemish I'll pretend to be sorry for showing you this...

(It's hard to see, but the incision is about an inch long) Pretty, eh?

Things look good, so they put in dissolvable sutures, and gave me the go-ahead on straws and chewing on that side. I go back in 3 weeks...

*A week ago I met with the infectious disease doctor and went over, in detail, the results of all my tests (including my kidneys- which I will update on soon). We talked about possible options for my course of treatment, medicine, possible clinical trials, etc.

I've elected not to discuss any of that information with anyone because I wanted the decision to be MINE, solely, without any commentary or persuasion.

I've pretty much made my decision, and once the ball has been rolled, I'll outline what it entails.

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