Friday, August 5, 2011

To post, or not to post...

That is the question.

There's about to be a whole slew of TMI. (You've been warned.)

I have yet to have dates, but I did make a raw pie-like thing by mixing butter and almond meal for a crust, then putting Greek yogurt and plum on top.

The only thing is I don't think my system was ready for the butter and I vomited all over the gearshift in my car. And I thought that time I puked all over the steering column while on the highway was bad!

Luckily, I'd just eaten a bunch of beans so it was pretty solid and easy to clean. Plus, last month I accidentally dumped a bunch of crumbs all over the gearshift that I never fully cleaned, so it prompted me to do so. Now my gearshift is as clean as my butthole!

I took a pic because I thought it was hilarious, but I'll spare you that, here. If you're into gross stuff, I've got quite the collection of pics now. Let's talk.

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