Friday, December 16, 2011

Not taking it lying down

Ok, maybe a little bit. For a week I did.

Then, I couldn't take it any longer- so I took it sitting with my foot elevated to my head for a few days.

Then, I had enough of that. So, I took it sitting in the backseat of my car with my foot propped on the seat, on my way to LA, while Rideshare guys paid for my gas and drove my car. Genius, right?

Then, I spent a couple days in a theater, with my foot on the seat in front of me, watching one of my favorite actresses from All My Children preforming in a play with Mechanicals Theater Group; and sitting in a wheelchair mingling with her and other Soap stars and a rock-n-roll photographer/director.

Now, I'm saddled up in my wheelchair once again, on the train, headed for the airport to jet off to Texas.

I can really get used to this whole "taking it easy" thing. :)

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