Friday, October 26, 2012

Link Fail

It has come to my attention that when I switched this blog to the new name and format, here, any prior posts that had links to other posts in them were linking to now dead-end pages. FAIL.

I'm going through and fixing them now, but if you click a link and it brings you to a broken link on you can fix it by inserting "ifounditworthliving" instead of "foodwithdrawl."

According to my site stats, this has happened 595 times. Thanks for clicking the links. Not so many thanks for not telling me about this for 7 months. Sorry if you didn't get to read things because of this problem.

I should have all of them fixed by tomorrow. If you find any other broken ones, let me know. Thanks.


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    1. Heya!! I've been weathering some storms, but I'm still afloat. You?