Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blanch THIS

I'll tell ya what, this illness has been such a learning experience for me. Up until a week ago, the only reference to Blanch I knew was a saucy character on a favorite tv show. I now not only know it's cooking definition, but have successfully used it (and only slightly burned myself in the process).

I went to a friend's sushi birthday party on Friday. I don't even really like sushi, but I wanted to come up with something comparable. I saw a recipe for veggie spring rolls where they used cabbage and stole that idea.

I blanched some cabbage (boil in water for 2 minutes then immediately throw into pot of iced water). This makes is somewhat pliable so you can roll them and tacky so they stick to themselves.

Throw in some quinoa and sliced vegetables.

Roll those suckers up and there ya go!

My friend tried one and commented on how bland it response: "welcome to my life."

In other news: I made 3 dozen cupcakes for a double-bachelorette party and I did not die. Who would've thought such things possible? Not I.

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  1. Nice. Someone recently suggested I blanch something, and I knew not of which they spoke, so thanks for the def!