Saturday, August 14, 2010

Help, I'm Alive

I've been feeing more like an actual human being lately and able to actually function in society. I'm still running at about 60%, when I'm used to running at 115%, but I know slowing down is actually really good for me and I wouldn't have done it unless forced to do so. So, thank you Aspergillis, for forcing me to cool my jets and stop running at the speed of sound. I mean that with 73% sincerity and only 17% facetiously. I'm supposed to be two days into a three week trip to The East Coast right now, but I'm not going to be bitter about that (ok, maybe a little). I'm also not going to be bitter about the fact that it's prime hiking weather and I'm not in hike-able condition (actually, that's a downright lie, but I'm trying).

Here's what I was eating one year ago, on a camping trip to Oregon and Redwood National Park (I'm also pretending I'm not bitter about not being able to camp this year. NEXT year, it's on!):

And what I'm eating this year:

That last one is about 3 days worth of food for me. Which pretty literally equates to about 20 lbs of veggies.

In other news: my friend did Reiki on me and it has significantly helped with my pain management. Unfortunately it only lasts 1-3 weeks and she lives in LA. I'm currently seeking someone else that can do more on me.

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  1. I hear you loud and clear. Been there, done that and still doing it.

    Sucks to be us!! But, I am feeling so much better so I for one will continue.