Sunday, May 1, 2011

Snack Attack

I am blessed to have some extremely awesome people in my life who keep an eye out for things I AM allowed to eat.

These two items were recently bestowed upon me by one of my favorite people:

Chocola Tree Cafe Nori Nachos

GoRaw Super Cookies

I'd never had nori before and tend to hate anything that comes from the sea, but the chips were surprisingly good. I went on their website and found a whole slew of other snacks I'm going to try, all of which are pretty reasonably priced.

The cookies were really great, but I'm not really supposed to have dates, so I'll have to hold off on buying more of those, seeing as how eating only a couple of them a day, over several days, was a true test of self-restraint. Their website also has a lot of fun looking treats.

Also, I've noticed that pre-packaged snacks regularly come in miniatures. Because I have nothing better to do and I think it's funny, I've been seeking out snack-sized foods like these baby bellpeppers:

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