Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A week in the life: Filling a prescription

Just a run-down on my life and what it takes to get a damn prescription filled...

10:30am Arrive at doctor's office
11:00am Talk with doctor
11:20am Pregnancy test with nurse I'm not pregnant! Phew, what a relief...
11:45am Blood test with phlebotomist (We sang Wicked)
12:00pm Prescription given
12:30pm IV meds started (I watched viral videos on YouTube)
1:30pm IV meds finished
2:00pm Leave doctor's office
2:15pm Drop Rx at pharmacy
2:25pm Head to pick up older kids from school
On way Eat banana and cashews
2:40pm Make phone calls for film job (while waiting for the Dawdle Twins)
2:50pm Retrieve 8 and 10 year olds, drive to preschool
3:20pm Retrieve 5 year old, head to dance lesson
3:45pm to 4:45pm Girls' dance lesson
5:00pm Home, start dinner
6:00pm Eat chicken and vegetables
7:00pm Head to LA
11:45pm Pull over on I-5 to empty guts Yum!
12:00am Check into motel, continue emptying guts More yum...


4:00am Wake up, empty guts, go back to sleep
8:00am Receive call from pharmacy, prescription can't be filled My life is hard!
8:05am Decide to be alive today
8:30am Call doctor's office, leave message
8:35am Call insurance, leave message
9:00am Shower
9:05am Doctor's office calls, leaves message
9:10am Insurance calls, doesn't leave message
9:15am Get dressed; call doctor, leave message
9:20am Call insurance
10:00am Still on hold with insurance; eat apple and almonds
10:01am Doctor's office beeps in, hang up with insurance, doctor's office says to call insurance
10:03am Call insurance
10:40am On hold with insurance again; pharmacy calls, ignore; insurance says to call pharmacy Here we go...
10:45am Vow to kill everyone; pack up and hit road
11:00am Call pharmacy, leave message
1:00pm Blow tire on I-5; use time waiting on roadside to call doctor, insurance, and pharmacy, leave messages Seriously?!
2:00pm Continue on to LA
4:00pm Arrive in LA
4:01pm to 6:01pm Nap in car in Griffith Park (Meet a coyote)
6:30pm Change clothes in McDonald's bathroom We fancy, huh?
7:00pm Eat black beans from the can
7:30pm Head to Viper Room
8:00pm Meet up with people at Viper Room; listen to live music
12:30am Leave Viper Room
1:00am Arrive at Royer's house
2:00am Zzzzzzz

10:00am Awake
11:45am Yet to get up, answer PR emails
12:15pm Finally get up
12:30pm Run errands with Royer; eat eggs, grains, spinach
3:00pm Back to Royer's; make phone calls
4:45pm Shower
6:45pm Head to Blank Theatre for Young Playwrights Festival
10:00pm Head to Al's, get gas on way
11:00pm Get to Al's; Zzzzz

7:45am Peel self from bed I want to die
8:30am Eat eggs
9:30am to 1:30pm Pride Parade
2:30pm Thai with Al
4:00pm Get to Al's; upload photos; answer personal emails
4:30pm to 5:30 Nap
5:55pm Head to Sidewalk Studio for Tennessee In The Summer
10:00pm Drive to SF
3:30am Arrive home; Zzzzzzz

8:45am Wake
9:00am Call doctor's office, leave message I hate everyone!
10:00am Pharmacy calls, violates protocol and tells me root problem
10:30am Call doctor's office, leave message outlining problem (THEIR mistake!)
11:00am Eat oatmeal and banana
11:10am Throw up oatmeal and banana
11:30am Do PR work; still in bed
2:45pm Get out of bed; head to pick up 5 yo from preschool
3:30pm Talk to nurse at doctor's office; feel like idiot; get mad
4:00 to 5:00pm Nap with 5 yo
5:30pm Eat eggs and cantaloupe
6:00 to 7:00pm 5 yo swim lesson
7:00pm to 8:00pm Bathe and bed kid
9:00pm Zzzzzz
11:00pm Wide awake; stalk social networks
1:00am Zzzzzz

9:00am Up; eat eggs
10:00 to 11:30am Physical Torture Bike riding!
12pm to 2:30pm Do PR & writing work
3:00pm Eat Salad
3:30 to 5:30pm Park with 5 yo; call doctor's office, leave message
6:00pm Call doctor's house, talk to doctor, says problem will be fixed in morning It'd better!
6:30pm Dump kid with her dad; eat quinoa and chicken
7:00pm Bed; watch hours and hours of Glee til I pass out

10:00am Roll out of bed; eat oatmeal; call doctor, leave message
11:00am No word from doctor Uuuuuuuggggghhhh
12:00pm Drive to doctor, corner nurse, gain access to file, change my birthdate from December 1995 to correct date March 1985 (wtf?!); dial pharmacy and hand phone to nurse Great record-keeping, Guys!
1:00pm Problem corrected, prescription in process of being filled If you want it done right...
1:30pm Buy groceries at Trader Joe's
2:45pm Oil change
3:30pm Pick up 5 yo
4:00pm PICK UP PRESCRIPTION! It only took 9 years!
Everything after this point is irrelevant...

A bunch of stuff including picking out a gown and kicking it with 5 yo and BFF

7:00pm Take first pill!!!

Needless to say, I was supposed to start this new med last Monday, but didn't start until Thursday. I'm now nearly a week in. Luckily, my stomach problems seemed to exit scene when the curtain closed on the Voriconozale. No more vom fest! I feel shaky and creaky all over, and I have a splitting headache, but all least I can eat again!

I'm heading out of town as soon as I post this, to, get this: The Daytime Emmys. It's been a whirlwind of a year leading up to this, kicked off last summer when I had a section of my jaw removed. That surgery precipitated numerous events that eventually led to now, and I am so honored and excited for this opportunity!

"In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths" -Drew Barrymore


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  2. If we were each given a shovel that corresponded with the amount of shit we had to deal with, you would need an airplane hanger to house yours!