Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hallelujah Healthcare Reform!

Two months ago, I voiced some of my opinions on the healthcare in our country. Two years ago, I wrote about my frustrations with being denied insurance repeatedly.

I'm happy to know that our president and the majority feel the same way, as today marked the passing of Obama's new health care reform law.

The biggest clincher in the new law, for me, is the fact that now insurance companies cannot discriminate or deny coverage to those with underlying conditions. Obviously, those are the people who need it most, and instead we have been repeatedly kicked while we're down.

I was just venting to my dad and best friend last week about how trying to stay on top of my medical bills is a full time job, in addition to actually BEING sick, which is another full time job, on top of my actual job. What happened to taking care of the sick and injured?

I'm eager to see how this all unfolds and I hope things turn for the better.

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