Wednesday, October 13, 2010

When life's got you Squashed, make Spaghetti

I poked holes in this bad boy, threw him in the microwave for 12 minutes then let him cool for 20 minutes.

Then I took a knife and whacked him open.

Then I scooped out his innards and discarded the seeds.

Voila! Spaghetti squash. It was enough to fill four bowls, so I shared some with a couple of friends.

It was crunchy and sweet. I'll definitely be consuming mass quantities of this until I grow tired and move onto the next thing, as has been the case with everything else I've liked thus far.


  1. its that easy to make? wow! i have friends that serve this with spaghetti sauce and eat it instead of spaghetti. its so good!

  2. It's super easy and one of the best things I've found to eat, thus far! I can eat for 2 days on one squash, a huge plus.