Wednesday, July 27, 2011


"How long the night seems to one kept awake by pain." -Bernard Joseph Saurin

Last night was rough, like a wrecking ball to the face. My last pain pill was yesterday around 4 and by 11 pm I thought a cannon was going off in my jaw. I took some Ibuprofen but that just made my gums bleed and my jaw throb.

Thank you to my newest addiction to All My Children's Marissa/Bianca(Minx) storyline for pulling me through.

I have watched every clip of these two from December to now in the past couple weeks and last night I spent several hours watching fan vids. What did we do before YouTube?! Nothing like a cute couple to take your mind off your pain.

This morning I feel like a train ran through my face, but I'm not bleeding or puking, so I'm going to consider my position to be favorable to yesterday. Gratitude, Dude!

Now I'm off to find out test results from last week and have blood drawn...

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