Saturday, July 23, 2011

This update is brought to you by my left lung

My lungs, though wounded, have chosen to deny The Dark Side and step into the light.

My left lung, the smaller, weakling, runt of a respirator is really pulling his weight lately. It's about time, dude!

The fungal balls do not appear to have any new growth and they were able to nab a few, (can you believe that they wouldn't let me keep them?!) and the scar tissue looks to be healing. The biopsy results are still pending, but my pulmonologist seems hopeful.

Monday I go in for what I really hope it my last dental procedure.

Tuesday I'll have more blood drawn for 57 (facetious overestimation ) more tests.

Wednesday is a summit meeting with my medical team to go over this weeks findings.

Thursday meet with infectious disease doctor to discuss possible clinical trial.

Friday sleep. Lots and lot of sleep.

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