Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My week so far...

-Colonoscopy to check how my Gut Flora is regenerating and look for the pressence of Candida and Aspergellius.

Last year


There is still a bit of growth (white patch near back of left pic & left forefront of right pic) & some raw spots (yellow areas)...but wow, I've got a good looking poop chute, if I do say so myself!

- Barium enema

What a good-looking gi tract!

- Abdominal ultrasound


- Barium swallow
- Chest X-rays

Things look so much better compared to 7 months ago

- Chest & GI Fluoroscopy
. (Things looked really clear and no Bronchospasms were detected)
- Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (to see if prolonged steroid use is affecting my bone density)
- Full blood work-up

-If the steroid has aided in healing my GI tract and lungs, as hoped
-If I will need to continue intramuscular Steroids (Methylprednisolone); move to oral steroids; or stop them all-together
-If the sterioids/antifungals are causing severe side effects to my body
-If I will switch from IV Voriconazole to oral...with the possibility of trying out Posaconazole (if we decide no more steroids)

-Having a colonoscopy without sedation isn't so bad, but makes me appreciate the fact that I'm not a gay man, or a straight girl with an adventurous boyfriend
-Singing show-tunes with your x-ray tech is really the way to go and I highly recommend everyone try it
-Watching soaps with your phlebotomist makes getting stuck totally worth it (Minx storyline on AMC, anyone?!)

So far, this has actually been a pleasant experience and even allowed me some time to hang at the beach!

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  1. Love the insights. Glad things are looking good!