Sunday, June 27, 2010

The best laid plans...

You'd think I'd've learned by now that things rarely go as planned, especially for me, the girl who exemplifies Murphy's Law.

So my flight was delayed over an hour and Whole Foods was closed, thus my Dad drove me all over Vegas at 1AM looking fr a 24hr store that has produce(hookers, strippers, gambling they've got covered!). An hour, countless veggie-less stores, going the wrong way on a road when a "turn lane" was in fact a median, and a cop confrontation later, we found a store with pure oats.

The next morning, after discovering that the "microwave" was, in fact, a safe, I learned oats can be eaten, raw, by the fistfull, straight from the canister.

Later on, at lunchtime, I learned that a plate of veggies from room service will set you back $45.

Man, this experience is teaching me SO much!

More on my Vegas eating adventure later, I've got a plane to catch...

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