Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Identity Crisis

I was the girl:

that ordered desert first...and often skipped the entree and ordered another desert.

that baked pies and cakes for every occasion.

that ate 2 dozen donuts in one day.

that drank drinks so sweet, it made other people's teeth crack.

who never cooked anything other than deserts unless it was a holiday or I was trying to impress a girl.

who dipped already sweet fruit in sugar.

that lived for good BBQ.

that lived on frozen tv dinners, Mochi, dried fruit, It's-Its, pie and BBQ.

that never read the nutrition labels or ingredients and didn't give a hoot about it

who once recieved 10 pies for her birthday.

that threw sprinkle & icing parties. (If you never attended one, you've truly missed out on something epic)

that ate so much at The Texas State Fair that she had to make herself throw up just to go eat more.

who drank 1-2 gallons of milk a week.

who was more a 5-hour-rule girl than a 5-second-rule one.

that traveled everywhere with beef jerky, dried mango and Smirnoff in her backpack.

that never went to a store, got gas or saw a movie without buying at least one candy bar, usually three, sometimes five.

who thought street/fair/carnival foods were gifts of the gods and seized every opportunity to shove my face full of them.

that never in a million years thought I'd give any of that up.

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