Sunday, February 5, 2012


When I was in Texas, my Mama had to figure out a way for me to eat steak, seeing as how it is sacrilegious to visit Cowtown, USA and not have one.

I am allowed to have buffalo, but since I am not on the Oregon Trail, I never knew you could actually buy it. Turns out, they sell buffalo steaks at Whole Foods.

So Ma made it her mission to make me some meals that would stick to my ribs.

Buffalo and butternut squash was BOMB, y'all!

Mama even taught me a new way of cooking the squash. I always cook it whole, but her way it much faster. She even sprinkled cinnamon on top, which was amazing.

Steak and potatoes: I can't eat that

Bren-friendly version: Buffalo and sweet potato

Not a bad substitute for steak, at all, aside for the price being kind of steep. It was a nice treat for Christmas and New Year's Eve dinners, though!

And now, a relevant throwback to my youth...

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