Thursday, February 2, 2012

Crutches, clots, and canes...oh my!

It was pretty exciting times at the podiatrist this morning, folks!

I'm at the 2 month post foot reconstruction mark now, and as you may recall, I made some predictions about where I thought I'd be at this point. My medical team surmised that I would just now be beginning to bear weight, which I have been doing since about 3 weeks post-op. I said that this would be the week I would trade my crutch for my cane and was sure I'd do it. Thus, today when I crutched my way into my 8 week appointment, I was all set to cane my way back out. No dice.

Instead it went a little something like this:

Dr: "Everything looks really good. Your tendons are healing; your bones are fully fused; your ligaments look great; and your muscles are getting stronger."
Me: "So should we break out the champagne and canes?"
Dr: "Well, there is a bump under your toe incision that we want to take a look at."
Me: "Is that bad?"
Dr: "We think it may be a small blood clot..."
Me: "I'll take that champagne, now."

Turns out, it wasn't a clot, but one of the knots from the internal sutures that didn't dissolve, collected calcium and blood, and was just overstaying its welcome. We sent it packing.

After the unwanted guest was dug out and sent on its way, the conversation went like this:

Me: "Okay, so about that cane."
Dr: "Can you do a plie or tendu yet?"
Me: "Wait, what?
Dr: "Do you know the exercises?"
Me: "Yes, but I can't do them. Nobody told me I should take up ballet."
Dr: "Well, you're already taking yoga, why not add in some ballet? ;)"
So now my doc is rivaling me in smart-assery!

Long story short, she wants me to go easy on the toe through the weekend so I don't split the new stitches and then, hopefully next week I can start slowly introducing the cane during my physical therapy.

Aside from this blip, I still think I'm on track to be walking on my own by my birthday (March 19th).

Tomorrow I'm getting bloodwork and I have a Nephrology appointment to see how my kidneys are doing. I hope they're on their best behavior!

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