Saturday, March 17, 2012

And then...

So my trial ended on Friday. I found out a few things, I didn't find out others, and I was given some things to think about. I don't have much to share yet, but I can say that I'm doing okay and I have a few options for how I want to continue my treatment. I'll share once I've made my decision next week.

After leaving the doctor, the first thing I did was bleach my blonde stripe. I'm so vain, I probably think this blog is about me... I hadn't been allowed to bleach it for the six whole months of the clinical trial (thank goodness I was still allowed to use hemp dye on the rest of my hair during that time) and it was in sore shape.

Holy roots, Batman!

Also, thanks to the generous help of my family and friends, I met my $2,108 fundraising goal for my Free To Breathe Yogathon earlier today! My team has raised over $4,000, too! (If you want to see previous updates you can click the "Free To Breathe" label at the bottom of this post)

I'm still sore from my EMG earlier in the week, but I'm pushing through and am now able to do about 30 sun salutations!

In other news, we bottled our homebrewed beer "Make It Or Break It" the other night.

I obviously can't drink my share of the batch, so if anyone wants to try it let me know- there's a bottle with your name on it!

Speaking of beer, I hope everyone enjoyed their green Guinness today, and some corned beef, too! I had some cabbage- exciting, I know...

P.S. I had pie for breakfast today! :)

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