Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pie love you

So, today is National Pi Day?! Didn't we just have National Pie Day like yesterday? What is with the string of National "Bren Can't Eat That" Days lately and why did I never know about any of these when I could actually celebrate them?

The only one I ever knew about was National Donut Day. And I sure did celebrate that one!

These are the pecan (that PEA-CAN, btw, NOT puh-con, as you may have been told) pies my Mama made over Christmas break. Aren't they beautiful? *sigh*

You know that feeling, after a loss, when you think back on "the last (whatever)" and think about how you didn't know it was your last time? You think about how you would have done it differently, or how you would have savored it more, if only you had known. But you didn't. You took it for granted, and now it's gone. You get all nostalgic and sentimental...

Yeah, I get that way about pie.

The last time I ate pie was the end of May 2010. It was chocolate. Good, but not near my favorite. I only had one piece. I should have had ten. Shoulda, woulda, DIDN'T.

When I think back, I rewrite it in my mind. I would be at the smorgousboard of pie: House of Pie. I would order a slice of every one of their pies. I would eat slowly and lovingly. I would praise the gods of pie. I would see God.

This is also what I will do if ever given the greenlight to eat pie, again. I WILL pass go, and I will collect every pie in sight!

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