Monday, March 12, 2012

I did it

I DID 13 FULL SUN SALUTATIONS TODAY! (Modified for my abilities a bit)

Friday I managed my first one and have been adding more ever since.

Congratulations are appreciated, but money says it so much better! ;p If you want to throw any at my fundraiser for lung cancer, in celebration, you may do so here. (Lung cancer kills more people than the breast, prostate, kidney, colon, liver, and melanoma COMBINED & your donations are tax deductible)

The event is on the 25th and I am trying to raise the last $400 of my final goal of $2,108 by the 22nd.

I'm elated by my progress and floored by the support I've received from everyone. THANK YOU to those who have donated. This experience has been a challenge and a blessing. I'm grateful for the opportunity to help others while also helping myself.

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