Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pinterest will be my demise

Dear Friends,

You may be wondering why I am not following you on Pinterest. It is only in part due to the fact that you only pin dream wedding ideas, babies in cute hats, home decorating projects, and stilettos.

The real problem is the pictures of food you continually post that make me want to slit my wrists. You see, you somehow manage to slip them into every one of your boards. No, your "food I want to make" board isn't enough for you, so you insist on dropping them like little bombs onto your other boards entitled "things I like" and "cute ideas." Reeeeal sneaky, Friend. I think it would be fine if more of my artsy, unmarried, childless friends pinned things, but let's face it, they're not the ones pinning things- it's the homemakers who want to make elaborate cakes for their kid's birthday and ruin my life in the process.

Being that, unlike on Facebook, I can't hide you, without your knowledge, to avoid being subjected to your nesting instincts, I am forced to unfollow you completely.

I mean, wouldja just LOOK at this stuff?!

And the pies, oh don't get me started on the pies...

There's only so much I can take!

So, if you value your own life, or mine, do yourself a favor and don't ask me why I'm not following you on Pinterest.


P.S. STOP posting pictures of emaciated woman with captions like "something to aspire to" and "motivation," and just go make one of those recipes and stuff it in your face. Thanks.

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