Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A whole lotta updates!

Clinical Trial

Back in July I had a boat load of tests to see how my body was doing with the Aspergillosis. The results were promising so I decided to take a chance and participate in a clinical trial that started on September 30th.

The trial will be over on March 16th, so today, tomorrow, and Tuesday I'm having tests done to check my progress. I had bloodwork, an ultrasound, xrays, and a Flouroscopy today- piece of cake! Things looks really good, from what I could tell/was told. They can't tell me anything, definitively, yet

Tomorrow I'll have an MRI and CT scan- during which I'll take a nice little nap.

From the looks of it, I will not be subjected to a Barium enema or swallow, a Colonoscopy, a stress test, a Broncoscopy, or any probes this go round! (This week keeps getting better and better!)


Tuesday will be the fun stuff: Electromyography & nerve conduction study, during which I will sing show tunes to myself and try not to sob. Awkward

I've been turning my crutch around and using it as a cane part of the time. On flat, short distances I can walk hands free, but if there is any change in the surface, I need help. I've been mastering downhill with the cane-side, but uphill is still extremely difficult for me.

I made grand predictions on how well I would do with my foot recovery. Things haven't gone as well as I'd hoped. And it started out so promising, too!

I'm at the 3.5 month mark. I said I'd be ditching the cane and walking on my own by now. My doctors said I'd be ditching the crutch for the cane. Turns out, every once in a million years, I'm not right. Damn

I wanted to be walking by my birthday in two weeks. That is obviously not happening, so I'll settle for moving to the cane by then.


I'm working on the physical part. It's a lot of work and if it weren't for a fundraiser or incorporated into my physical therapy, I would probably not be doing it. Luckily, I love a challenge!

So far, I have raised $1,678 and I have two weeks to hit my final goal of $2,108. That's $430 more to go! My team has raised $3,316 so far! If we all hit our goals, we should hit $4,000!

I am overcome with gratitude to everyone that has cheered me on and donated to the cause. I am so very blessed to be surrounded by such supportive people. Thank you for being a part of this journey.

If you'd like to help me reach my goal, you may donate here. Every little bit counts!

*In other, totally unrelated, but equally awesome news: my niece is rad.

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