Sunday, July 11, 2010

I'm a genius

Yesterday I ventured to Whole Foods, solo, for the first time. I've been twice before, with friends. The first time I was too over-stimulated/whelmed/self-pitying to actually explore the wonders to behold. The second time I bought some rice cheese (NEVER again, I say! NEVER!)

This time, prepared to bake, I set out to find some almond meal...and found this:

*Clouds part, sunbeams and rainbows shine, bluebirds sing, angels get their wings*

Holy crap, there's such a thing as rice flour?! Oat flour?! (And about 20 other flours I'll have to research)

End results:

Pumpkin and Banana breads

It took a lot of subsitutions, some ingenuity and a bunch of luck, but I managed to make a desert without dairy, gluten, or sugar AND it actually tasted good. I'm a genius!

Recipes coming asap!


  1. Can't wait to see the recipes!!

  2. I was at a whole foods in Ohio yesterday. I had to stock up on some almond butter.

    When we travel I have such a hard time finding food so almond butter goes with me everywhere.

    Our local Giant Eagle has gotten in a lot of health food things so things are getting easier for me.

  3. You inspire me! Let's go shopping together.

  4. J- Now that I'm getting over my ear infection, expect more recipes this week! I'm ready to get back in the kitchen.

    T- I'm blessed to live in an area that is abundant with things I'm allowed to eat. The only place I've traveled so far was Vegas and that was somewhat difficult. I'm going to be doomed when I travel home to TX.

    C- Rainbow Grocery is calling us!